From 400 hotline calls, over 60 medical staff dealt

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Through the hotline of the Ministry of Health, in the first 6 months has 62 health workers being disciplined, reminders for violations in attitude with patients. In the call of the patient also has nearly 400 calls to complain about the behavior of medical personnel.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Truong, director of the Office of Health, said in the first 6 months of 2015, nearly 8,500 calls to the hotline Ministry of Health through the switchboard number 1900-9095, of which only 37% call (3,000 calls) reflect the scope reception.

Many hospitals have invested facilities, rooms spacious and clean ... the seat forward to create the most favorable conditions for the disease to seek medical treatment.

In this call reflect the content people reflect about the deterioration of facilities, rules health facilities have the highest number of calls was 1140 calls (36%), followed by is reflected specialized processes 905 calls (29%), the third is to reflect on issues related to the hospital fees and medical procedures for health insurance have 446 calls (14%). Wednesday is reflected in attitudes, sense of responsibility of doctors and nurses for patients in health care facilities have the 388 (12%). Besides, there is a small percentage of comments reflect negatively on issues like extortion, demanded bribes (5%), the situation of security in healthcare facilities (2%) and commended praise, praise to the medical staff (2%).

"Based on the review of more than 3 million calls received within the scope of the people reflects the hotline, the Ministry of Health has directed the central hospitals and the provincial Department of Health, city emergency treatment guidelines and timely matter. Specific results in the first 6 months of 2015 as follows: reminding, from experience 2092 cases, 62 disciplinary cases, cut emulation 62 cases, improving infrastructure of 188 cases, improvement process 330 clinical cases, 79 cases rewarded. In addition, many other cases led medical facility explained to the people about the process of examination and treatment, and people agree retraction, "said Truong said.

Evaluation of the 400 call to reflect on the behavior of medical staff with patients, led the Ministry of Health said, compared with the previous period, the call reflects the attitudes of staff Health has plummeted.

Specifically, compared with the same period of 2014, the total number of calls reflects the content to hotlines have to call 19% of the patients complained about the behavior not of the medical staff with patients. First 6 months of 2015 this figure had fallen to 12%.

The Health Ministry also believes that the hospital signed with the Ministry of Health on the changing attitude of service user satisfaction when patients seek treatment will gradually reduce calls to the hot line complained about attitudes and behaviors of health workers.

According to the Ministry of Health, through information on the hotline, the Health Ministry also timely grasp the reality of health care facilities, shortcomings and difficulties of the medical staff as well as people. Since then, leaders of the Ministry of Health has set out the basis of orientation, specific measures to improve the conditions of the facilities, procedures and treatment, improve professional skills, ethics officers health care workers to meet the needs not only healthcare but also earned trust, satisfaction of the people.

Besides reflecting on issues of pressing, negative, attitudes of medical staff, the hotline of the Ministry of Health also reflects compliments received suggests devotion did not mind the difficulty, all comfortable for the patient's medical staff. Thereby also praised, rewarded this time the mirror, like a picture of the whole industry to health workers nationwide to learn.

According to Mr. Truong, although there are many positive but also hotline has limitations due to the number of calls of people not receiving proper scope and treatment of hotlines continue to account for 2/3 of the call . This makes it difficult and time wasted by the unit in receiving and processing information reflected hotline.

Remarkably, many comments reflect hotline people have no true content, causing lost time for inspectors to verify the matter. The Ministry of Health hopes people will increasingly understand, aware of the hotline to get information reflects the content and timely health sector support timely processing the backlog, limited to direct to the health care of patients better.
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