"Fostering" 50 million to ignore HIV cases petitioners 9 years

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The health sector in Hung Yen province has "fostered" Ms. Do TA (8th month pregnant) amount to 50 million to the family "sympathy" and "ignored" for the conclusion sister A. HIV / AIDS 9 years ago (!).

Text of Hung Yen Provincial Health Department requested deleting her name Do TA from the list of people with HIV.

Concerning the incident Ms. Do T.A. (SN 1976, Cam Xa, My Hao district, Hung Yen province) were HIV petitioners conclude that AP 9 years reflects, recently leader of Hung Yen Provincial Health Department, Centre for HIV / Hung Yen AIDS and Tuberculosis Hospital, Hung Yen has held her family meetings A.

This morning 27/7 Pham Van Planning (her husband A.) said at the meeting, the representative of Hung Yen Tuberculosis Hospital has claimed responsibility for bringing Ms. Do TA on the list of people with HIV should be monitored in the province of Hung Yen.

"They gave me 50 million spouses and say that this is the contribution of health workers in the province. They say this is money to support my wife prenatal and childbirth later. We have asked them to pay compensation for loss, damage morale due to being HIV positive reputation unfairly for 9 years, seeking good jobs ... but they say this is not currently provided Should any of us still do not know how to solve more "- he said Plan.

He said the Department of Health Planning Hung Yen province have sent a document on your local notifications loudspeaker system on her Xa Cam Do TA uninfected. Representatives of the health authorities in Hung Yen province also expects family "sympathy" and "ignore" this regrettable incident.

We contacted several times by telephone with Mr. Nguyen Van Dong - Director of Hung Yen Provincial Health Department, to ask more about the handling of the collective responsibility of individuals related to the concluded Ms. Do TA oan HIV for 9 years, but did not get a response.

AP As reflected earlier, Director of Hung Yen Provincial Health Department recently signed written request Center for HIV / AIDS sister named Hung Yen delete Do TA the list managing HIV / AIDS in Hung Yen province. As of this writing, the Center for HIV / AIDS has had on her report listed A. Management of HIV / AIDS from the date 03.09.2006. However in the past month 6/2015, "patients" to get tested again at the Centre for HIV / AIDS in Hung Yen province had tested HIV-negative.

Is healthy, but just after 2 months treatment in Hung Yen Tuberculosis Hospital in 2006, Ms. Do TA Suddenly list management of HIV / AIDS in this province. A. From here you got people around stigma, evasive and happy family break before heading to the 2nd marriage with Mr. Pham Van Strategy.