Health Minister visits nursing mentally ill "burned alive"

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Before selfless acts of bravery because the patients leading to severe burns of nurses Vo Van Dau, Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien visited him in a hospital bed and Cho Ray Hospital Steering apply the most modern techniques , efforts to save the patient.

On 3/8, the Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien and representatives of the Trade Union of Health in Vietnam has to Burns and Reconstructive department, Cho Ray Hospital, visiting nurses Vo Van Dau are treated here.

As Reuters put information about 19h 12/7 days, when just finished my shift back to the family, Mr. Vo Van Dau (26 years, nursing Tieng Giang Psychiatric Hospital) received a phone call from the disease institute offered him support 2 local colleagues about controlling who suffers from mental illness, threatened to burn the house benzine.

Ministers visited and presented gifts to relatives nursing Circus

He did not mind hard, he immediately set off fighting duty. He Circus approach situations with patients in agitated patients are strong, five-five hand threatened to burn the fuel tanks and attack the police intend to apply.

Before hazardous situations that can threaten safety of others, nursing Vo Van Dau stormed the control patients. However, he faced fierce resistance of the patient, as she wrestled, he played with patients who turned into a petrol tank, petrol vapor ignited from roadside oven bag making him a living torch.

He was transferred to Cho Ray hospital in a state of emergency for 70% body burns, 35% deep burns. Shortly after the AP published information on the case, Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien has sent written requests Cho Ray Hospital support expertise utmost to save the patient, concurrent request of the Trade Union of Health Vietnam supports international partial cost to the patient.

However, after three weeks of hospitalization, health status of nursing Circus still no positive developments. Dr Tran Doan Dao, Dean Burns and Reconstructive Surgery, said: The time nurses in a state fighting pneumonia, kidney failure, blood fungal infections, sepsis, the prognosis is guarded. Aims to capture specific about his condition Circus and timely encouragement, support their families, on 3/8, female Minister Kim Tien has personally Special Care unit Burns and Reconstructive Sciences, disease Cho Ray hospital visits nursing Arena.

Liver transplant patients from brain-dead have recovered well (right) talks with Minister

Minister Kim Tien said: "The mental patients often can not control yourself, reality has a lot of officials and employees of the Mental hospital patients were insulted, attacked bruising. British Circus has not risking themselves for the purpose of saving the patient but while on duty tragic accident has happened. His brave act worthy of all health-care professionals we must imitate. Looking at his body severely burned Circus, perceptual lethargy, abdominal distension ... in bed I was very painful. We do not want to lose a colleague dedicated to education. "

With enthusiasm and above, the Minister asked, Cho Ray Hospital actively supports professional nursing fighting to save costs despite expensive? Yes. In case of need, can use the technique ECMO (serious cases emergency rescue) treatment for nursing Arena. Before the economic difficulties of families, ministers gave gifts, donations from the health sector and trade unions decided to turn the plan partly supported by user fees to support the entire hospital treatment costs for nursing match.

After visiting nursing Arena, Minister Kim Tien also visited patients VQH (62) has been successful liver transplant at Cho Ray in donations from brain dead people. After 2 weeks of successful transplant, the patient's health does have recovered very well, the indicators are stable vital signs.

The Minister praised the efforts of the Cho Ray hospital in particular and hospitals across the country in general in promoting strategies organ donation campaign, and said the upcoming health will focus on developing technical organ transplant to save for these patients end stage organ failure.
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