ASEAN to strengthen surveillance, prevention MERS-CoV

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Vietnam committed to close cooperation with the ASEAN countries in surveillance, disease prevention MERS-CoV.

28/7 morning, South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn claims MERS care in this country has ended. According to Hwang, Korea does not have any new MERS infections in the past 23 days and the patient was suspected last MERS out 27/7 day quarantine area.

MERS appear in Korea on 26/5, the patient is a man from the Middle East. In this outbreak, South Korea has 36 deaths out of 186 people infected with MERS.

In this context, the Department of Preventive Medicine - MOH Vietnam has cooperated senior leaders of ASEAN countries held online conference to share experiences and approaches of the countries in monitoring Disease, discuss measures to strengthen the response to the deadly virus in the region Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus.

Vietnam online meeting with leaders of ASEAN countries to cope care Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus.


Vietnam Bridge Point, Prof. Nguyen Thanh Long, Deputy Minister of Health is responsible.

Share in the conference, Health leaders of ASEAN countries have agreed to make a joint statement on the basis of the opinion of the member states. Joint Declaration on covers 5 key issues: strengthening surveillance systems, timely information sharing epidemics, transnational collaboration in outbreak investigations and disease traceability, implementing measures Anti reasonable to manage these risks and share the lessons learned and results of research.

This conference is extremely important for the countries of ASEAN, bold expression of shared responsibility between countries active in the prevention of emerging diseases. At the same time this is also an opportunity for regional countries to exchange valuable experience in monitoring capabilities, training, communications, ... preparedness of each country's epidemic, capacity building and collaboration between nations.

Vietnam has not recorded cases of any MERS-CoV. However, the Government of Vietnam is committed to collaboration with the ASEAN countries in disease prevention Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in particular and emerging infectious diseases in general, efforts to strengthen the ability to respond with care disease, and strengthening the Office EOC medical staff capacity, to ensure early detection and treatment of cases of disease entry, timely information with the international community, help prevent disease spread all over the world.

Inflammatory respiratory syndrome Middle East viral Corona (MERS-CoV) has appeared in 26 countries around the world since the disease was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012. As of December 27 / 7/2015, MERS-CoV has claimed the lives of 487 people. The countries in the Asia Pacific Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infections include: South Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines.

To prevent the risk of spread of MERS-CoV may occur between countries in Asia requires countries to have the shared experience and plans to bring uniformity, consistency in the prevention Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus disease control.

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