Most of the Vietnamese discovered at a late stage liver disease

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According to Dr. Nguyen Van Kinh, so many people do not know the situation of the disease should only until the disease has turned into cirrhosis, liver cancer and new to visit hospital. PGS recommends people carry the hepatitis B vaccination, especially the first shots in 24 hours after birth.

Every year, in Vietnam there are millions of people with hepatitis, among them tens of thousands of people who die from this dangerous disease. According to experts, the cause of this situation is because people are not aware of the greatness in the prevention and treatment of disease.


To help people prevent and treat the disease effectively, the reporter had an interview with Dr. Nguyen Van Kinh - Chairman of Vietnam contagious, and is director of the Tropical Disease Hospital Central, month's action in 2015 to prevent liver disease.

- Sir! How do you assess the situation in Vietnam hepatitis this?

- For many years, due to the nature of the disease silently, many people do not know about hepatitis, especially hepatitis B and C, this is the second "silent enemy" very dangerous.

According to the survey, the rate of hepatitis B in Vietnam high proportion accounted for about 15 to 20% of the population, HCV accounts for from 4 to 7% of the population depending on the province. However, because many people do not know the situation of the disease should only until the disease has turned into cirrhosis, liver cancer and new to visit hospital.

Prof. Nguyen Van Kinh, said many people visit when the disease was at stage of cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Currently, with the hepatitis prevention program launched by the Ministry of Health, we are stepping up counseling, screening for early detection star, fastest to help patients and may from completely hepatitis C.

- Could you be more specific jobs in May will make this action to help people prevent hepatitis?

- National Action Month on hepatitis prevention, we will focus, in collaboration with the mass media, to provide accurate information to help people update their knowledge about hepatitis B and C, as well as hazard and risk of infection with this virus.


Eg hepatitis B virus transmitted blood, sexual contact and from mother to child. Hepatitis C also, however different infection rates.

In addition, we organize hepatitis hour broadcast on television to professionals with experience exchange and interaction with patients and the people to help them be aware of this viral hepatitis.

Not only that, we also organize counseling and free testing for people at area clinics Tropical Disease Hospital Central, are expected to screening tests for about 1,000 people. At the same time, the hospital has also prepared the modern equipment such as measuring the amount of virus, genetic explanations machine to detect the exact type of hepatitis and more effective.

Take a physical examination for counseling and testing for early detection of hepatitis.

- As you just said, hepatitis difficult to detect through the clinical manifestations. So how people can detect the disease at an early stage?

- For early detection of hepatitis virus, people should go for regular checkups, during medical examinations medical staff will advise the necessary tests. Only tests can confirm that hepatitis C or B.

For those with clinical signs such as tiredness, yellow eyes very low percentage is less than 10% of people with hepatitis.

- So now, the rate of hepatitis in Vietnam is at a level like? There is increasing or not?

- To assess the rate of increase or decrease is subject to periodic audits. However, thanks to extensive vaccination program will be implemented from 1997 to present, the rate of hepatitis B in children under age 10 now has less than 2%.

In the future, we continue to propagate people take her with hepatitis B vaccinations, especially the first shots in 24 hours of birth and the next arrow in the expanded vaccination program. Hopefully, our 2017 target rate will reach hepatitis B in children under 10 years of age to less than 1%.

- Today, a lot of people, including young children with hepatitis back when using the drug to treat male. Then he said how about this?

- All these herbal medicines are effective in treating supports hepatitis rather than completely cured of hepatitis. This is a sure thing.

These drugs are currently in the Ministry of Health launched the standard treatment regimen for hepatitis and is applied in all health facilities in the country, it is combined drug Interferon and Ribavirin for the treatment within 48 weeks for those with hepatitis C, and hepatitis B at present there are many medications. However, the treatment should depend on the viral load of the patient and the patient has been treated or not treated.

- What two diseases hepatitis C and hepatitis B can be cured or not?

- Private hepatitis C can be cured. But hepatitis B due to the attack was linked to the gene to the process of expulsion from the liver cells are both arduous process. So it takes a lot of pressure with medication to not increase viral load and undetectable, that person can be considered as already treated.

- Thank you!

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