5 common mistakes made when drinking water
Drinking water seems to be extremely simple action, many people believe that drinking more water, the better. But there are ways of making mistakes drink enough water you drink, the more thirsty to drink.

1. Drinking water during exercise but not drink before practice

Even if you regularly sip some water while exercising, you are also likely to get a headache if not enough water is loaded earlier. You should drink at least 240ml of water about half an hour before training.

2. Use the correct 8 glasses of water a day

US Institute of Medicine recommend drinking glasses of water per day 11.4, although water levels may need another exchange between individuals. Exact amount of water that you take depends on the size and weight of your body.

And you can also top up water from foods such as fruits, vegetables (one apple provides horizontal water with 1 cup of water), you will not need to drink too much water if water eat more food. In general, if you bring the weight split, you will get the ounces of water needed to be taken every day (every ounce of 30ml).

3. Avoid drinking coffee and tea

Many people believe that coffee and tea dehydrate because they contain caffeine, but whether caffeine can be a diuretic, the amount of water in the tea and coffee was enough to give this function. Drink tea and coffee is better than not drinking anything.

4. Drinking too little

If you feel thirsty, are exercising or when it gets too hot, you should drink water. But even if not thirsty, not work, you still need water. Lack of water leads to the risk of kidney stones and urinary diseases. You should drink water regularly throughout the day.

5. Confusion between water demand and the need to eat

Drinking water before meals helps you realize your true hunger - many people confuse hunger and thirst that they eat more, drink less. You should drink water in the morning, immediately after waking up to hydrated all day.